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    Commercial Vehicle Transportation from WorkTruck Transport

    WorkTruck transport is designed to get your commercial vehicle in the hands of your most valuable asset, your employee, as quickly and safely as possible.

    • Professional Drivers

      We deliver your vehicle on time, every time due in large part to our professional drivers. All of our drivers are employees of Amerifleet and have been fully vetted, trained, and certified.

    • Insurance

      Because safety is so important to us we have invested in an industry leading 8 million dollar insurance policy. This guarantees that in the event anything goes wrong in transport you are covered.

    • Tracking

      WorkTruck Transport provides accurate vehicle status from production to delivery. In some cases, handheld GPS devices are carried by service delivery professionals, allowing them to update vehicle status in real time.

    • Flexibility

      Every company is unique and every project different. That is why we build a transportation program that will fit your needs. Flexibility is in our DNA.

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    1 (800) 728-9235 Ext.705

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    1 (800) 728-9235 Ext.705