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    WorkTruck Transport Turn Key Ready Delivery

    Getting work trucks on the road faster

    According to industry statistics, an average work truck produces $1,500 in revenue per day. That makes for serious losses when new trucks are delayed in the delivery process. Unfortunately, when new units are ordered, up-fitted, and delivered to new car dealers to be picked up by employees, the traditional delivery process makes for serious delays in getting vehicles on the road. Industry experts say leaving pick up to employees takes up to 2-3 hours, and shipping alone can add up to two weeks to the process – a loss of $21,000 per vehicle.

    WorkTruck Transport’s Turn Key Ready Delivery program reengineers the delivery process, improving delivery times and increasing revenue: The order is placed with OEM, OEM builds the vehicle, the vehicle is up-fitted, WorkTruck Transport picks up the vehicle at the up-fitter, inspects it, and completes all required services for the truck to be road ready. WorkTruck Transport manages the entire processes, from vehicle orders to upfitters to delivery, and every step of the way carries a $6 million dollar primary insurance policy. In addition, even greater efficiency can be added when WorkTruck Transport picks up the used vehicles and takes them directly to auction or a remarketing center for immediate disposal.

    The WorkTruck Transport process leaves truck pick up and delivery to our Service Delivery Professionals, saving your employees the time and hassle of pick up, and increasing their productivity in turn. Before vehicles reach their drivers WorkTruck Transport handles all license, title, and registration services, another time saving measure for employee drivers. WorkTruck Transport can also inspect vehicles before and after delivery as needed. Delivery of units directly to end users gets trucks on the road immediately upon arrival, ready to produce revenue. WorkTruck Transport’s internal DOT and CDL compliance department hires, trains, and tracks our service delivery professionals ensuring a safe and compliant transaction. Earning WorkTruck Transport the highest Federal Safety Rating available.

    WorkTruck transport is designed to get your commercial vehicle in the hands of your most valuable asset, your employee, as quickly and safely as possible.

    Accurate Vehicle Status

    Traditional delivery processes present another problem: gaps in status data throughout the delivery process. Often companies aren’t kept abreast of trucks once they leave the up-fitter and are reintroduced into the traffic system. WorkTruck Transport provides accurate vehicle status from production to delivery. In some cases, handheld GPS devices are carried by service delivery professionals, allowing them to update vehicle status in real time. WorkTruck Transport’s AmeriVision allows clients to access this information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. AmeriVision offers the ability to obtain rapid driven quotes, place orders online, schedule customized reports and pull detailed invoices.

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    WorkTruck Transport is Powered by AmeriFleet

    AmeriFleet TransportationWorkTruck Transport is a division of the Amerifleet Corporation. As Amerifleet has continued to grow the demand for us to provide more services to our customers has grown as well. Transportation of commercial vehicles represents one of those areas. The goal of launching Worktruck Transport was simple, get work trucks on the road faster and safer.

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    Key Features

    • Single point of contact throughout up-fitting and delivery process
    • Coordination of vehicle upfitting and delivery process
    • Door-to-door delivery of vehicles
    • Pre- and post-inspection when needed
    • Title, license, and registration prior to delivery
    • Service to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada
    • $8 million in primary insurance coverage

    Benefits of Using WorkTruck Transport

    • Reduced delivery times
    • Quicker vehicle utilization
    • Increased worker productivity
    • Improved driver satisfaction and morale
    • Increased revenue
    • Improved regulatory compliance

    We Handle All Commercial Vehicles

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