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Case Study: Turn Key Ready Vehicle Delivery

How 3,000 new vehicles went from up-fitters to locations across the US – and were ready to drive upon arrival

The Problem

Delivering 3,000 vehicles is a huge undertaking. When those vehicles must be moved from an up-fitting facility to locations across the US, it’s an even larger one – and could get expensive, fast. That’s the problem one of WorkTruck Transport’s nationally recognized clients faced. Seeking the quickest, safest way possible to get new delivery trucks to their individual destinations across the country, licensed, titled and ready to use, they hired WorkTruck Transport to perform the move.
As they replaced aging units with new ones, the client also needed to find a way to sell the used assets quickly and with a high resale value, or to deploy them to be used at new locations. In an innovative and cost saving move, WorkTruck Transport helped manage this task as well.

The Solution

Working closely with the client, the up-fitter, and fleet management company, WorkTruck Transport developed a schedule that ensured on- time completion of the project. Acting as both transporter and project manager, WorkTruck Transport was solely responsible for picking up and delivering the 3,000 new vehicles, redistributing 500 used vehicles, and taking the remaining 2,500 aged vehicles to be auctioned.

Communication, planning, and timely execution were critical to this project’s success. WorkTruck Transport’s first step in handling all 6,000 vehicles was extensive coordination with the client, up-fitter, and the fleet management company to develop a realistic and efficient timeline based on manufacturing schedules. Three formal planning meetings were held, in which timelines, goals, and objectives were developed and clearly communicated so that all parties knew a plan was in place for on-time project completion.

From there, WorkTruck Transport’s specialized teams worked to execute the plan:

  • Account Management teams planned and supervised the pick up of all vehicles and managed their transport through delivery
  • Dispatch teams arranged for delivery of the new vehicles, pickup of all used vehicles, and delivery to the appropriate destination
  • The Compliance team ensured all vehicles were inspected and licensed, and that the work was done safely.

Acting as Project Manager, WorkTruck Transport collected data from manufacturers, up-fitters, and all involved parties, downloaded it to our data tracking system, dispatched the moves, and provided up dated status reports to the client.

Throughout the process WorkTruck Transport kept all involved parties up-to-date on the project’s progress. Through AmeriVision, our propriety IT platform, the client had 24 hour access to all data related to the progress of the project. WorkTruck Transport also held daily conference calls with the client to review their goals, progress in relation to their goals, and provided status reports as needed. Furthermore, as clients had requests or staff members made suggestions to improve efficiency, WorkTruck Transport staff members investigated options for improvement and made adjustments to improve the project’s progress. This constant communication, free-flow data sharing, and exchange of ideas allowed for an extremely efficient and effective operation.

As with all projects, WorkTruck Transport’s Safety and Compliance Team ensured that all drivers adhered to DOT regulations. WorkTruck Transport was fully DOT compliant throughout the entire move and complied with all state, county and local tax and license laws.
Beyond pick up and delivery of the vehicles, WorkTruck Transport also provided valued-added services, including vehicle inspections, management of maintenance, and all required license and title work. This Turn Key Ready delivery service ensured vehicles were road ready upon delivery.

The Results

Upon project completion, 3,000 new vehicles were delivered on schedule. Further, they arrived titled, licensed, and ready to use. Through these turn key ready deliveries driver satisfaction increased, as did client sales. At the same time, 2,500 used vehicles were successfully taken to auction, and the remaining 500 aged vehicles reached their new drivers. Using this improved process, vehicles were also sold 20 days faster and resale value increased by hundreds of dollars due to quicker the sale. Leaving transport and turn key ready services to WorkTruck Transport greatly reduced administration for the fleet office and improved visibility within the client organization. In all, the project was completed safely, on time, and exceeded the client’s expectations.

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Full Range of Services Provided

  • Delivery of vehicles from up-fitter to client locations across the country
  • Pick up of used vehicles and delivery to new client location or auction house
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Used vehicle maintenance
  • License and titling
  • Status Reporting
  • Ensured full DOT compliance

Exceptional Communication Led to an Efficient and Effective Project

  • Three formal planning meetings between WorkTruck Transport staff, up-fitters, the client, and the fleet management company
  • Daily conference calls
  • AmeriVision 24/7 data access for clients
  • Electronic status reports

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Key Features

  • Single point of contact throughout up-fitting and delivery process
  • Coordination of vehicle upfitting and delivery process
  • Door-to-door delivery of vehicles
  • Pre- and post-inspection when needed
  • Title, license, and registration prior to delivery
  • Service to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • $8 million in primary insurance coverage

Benefits of Using WorkTruck Transport

  • Reduced delivery times
  • Quicker vehicle utilization
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Improved driver satisfaction and morale
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved regulatory compliance

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